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We are a MUN that strives to achieve something greater than ourselves. At AlyxMUN, we hope to provide the same opportunity to as many others as possible and create a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to the pursuit of strengthening global relationships and creating a better future through preparation and participation in the MUN. Most MUNs are predominantly debate-focused; we hope to enter the Refugee Commission Challenge to help fight the refugee crisis and implement a human rights education in our delegates’ committee session time, in order o truly make a difference to those in need. AlyxMUN believes in fostering a true sense of cooperation, understanding, and appreciation for perspectives different from one’s own. We anticipate a coactive unification between diplomacy and passionate debate; we hope to see speeches that emotionally tick people and arguments that create unforgettable experiences for chairs and delegates.

the founders of alyxmun

Dua Zafar

AlyxMUN’21 Director of Finance & AlyxMUN’23 Secretary General

On the outside, Dua Zafar seems like an enigmatic and extroverted person – she has a strong and unchallenged passion for public speaking and debate and has won numerous accolades in those fields since the tender age of 11. But really, she is a cinephile that is crazy obsessed with everything relating to science fiction and mystery. With a wild imagination, she hopes to bring out the most ambitious ways to tackle and combat crises when it comes to human rights violations. With open arms, she is ready to welcome you to the second chapter of AlyxMUN.

Uzair Masuood

AlyxMUN’21 Director of Finance & AlyxMUN’23 Deputy Secretary General

Uzair has always been an honest, down-to-earth human being who has explored himself very well, and being an ambivert has also allowed him to adapt to situations calmly. As someone who is always trying to grow as a person, He is very well acquainted with his surroundings and can easily sense anything that may be out of place or functioning inefficiently. A man of his word, Uzair never breaks a promise he may make and makes sure he goes above and beyond to accomplish his tasks, and any requested favours. He will go out of his way to win and outshine the competition; he is just as willing to drop everything to help you if you are in need. However, he believes there is no such thing as a free lunch, all he wants is some ice cream.

guest speaker('s)

HAfsa Qadeer

Hafsa Qadeer grew up with a single parent and 6 siblings and was heavily inspired by her brother’s journey, Ahmed Qadeer, a self-taught content writer and editor. Hafsa’s experience Defines her values and principles by acknowledging behavioral differences in treating people of determination as well as the lack of accountability portrayed by societies towards justice. Her passion for social justice led her to establish ImInclusive, a networking app designed for the people of determination. Through incubation and mentorship period, Hafsa identified employment as the critical solution for inclusion. Ahmed joined Hafsa and the pair successfully pitched in the idea to UAE’s government judging panel. ImInclusive’s success led to leaving a mark as one of the top 10 social startups. Hafsa has continued her journey ever since by establishing her powerful social enterprise and coming along with her powerful team.

Ibrahim Mohammad

Ibrahim Mohammad is a charismatic and accomplished CPA and Certified Strategist with over 25 years of management experience. Known for his exceptional leadership potential, he has held Director positions, driving organizational growth. With his magnetic presence and exceptional communication skills, Ibrahim captivates audiences and inspires others. He excels in connecting with individuals, conveying complex ideas, and motivating them towards a common vision. Ibrahim’s strategic expertise extends to shaping organizational vision, setting goals, and fostering a high-performance culture. As a Director in multiple SMEs and the BNI Deira Area Director, he empowers teams and supports their personal and professional growth. Through his dynamic leadership and dedication, he builds a thriving community that empowers people of all ages to reach their fullest potential.

Our participation


AlyxMUN’23 is proud to announce its official participation in the UNHCR Refugee Challenge; With our committee posing the topic of * Climate change and its relation to displacing refugees*, we aim to prepare our delegates in UNHCR to pose ideal and practical resolutions to the crisis through resolving inequalities and utilizing advanced technologies. In 2021, the winning ideas were shared with policymakers during the High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection. This year, our teams goal is to achieve this ambitious feat, or even venture beyond.

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"Voice for a Change. Rise for a Resolution."